December 2018


After a process of research, questionnaires and information gathering the Board of Pensions has decided to stay with our Blue Shield Group plan option for active clergy health insurance instead of changing to AETNA. The Blue Shield rate increase for 2019 will be held at 5%. For those living within the Kaiser service area, Kaiser continues to be a more affordable option. 

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After many years of service, we learned that the Board of Pensions will no longer be able to offer a Blue Shield Group Plan to our retired clergy members who reside within the State of California. However we can now offer Blue Shield Individual plans to our retirees who wish to enroll directly with Blue Shield. If you are a retiree in California who has been on our Blue Shield Group Plan, you will lose that coverage as of January 1, 2019. If you have not yet contacted our office about your health care options, please call us at 916-913-1049. United Health Care (UHC) remains an option for most California residents, as well as Kaiser Group or (new!) Individual plans for those within a Kaiser service area. Participants living outside California may keep or enroll in our Blue Shield Group plan, but the rate increase for 2019 is 90 % over 2018 rates. 

Music and Memories

'Tis the season to sing and listen to Christmas carols and other holiday music. This is especially true for those who suffer from memory loss, according to the Mayo Clinic News Network. 

A recent study on brain health and Alzheimers Disease has shown that the locations in the brain where musical memories are stored is relatively undamaged by the disease, compared to other parts of the brain... >>MORE>>


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