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January 2017


Clergy Changes

     A new appointment year often brings changes for both clergy and churches. In order to make those transitions easier, here are a few key things to consider.
     First, if your address, email, or phone number is changing-- let us know! We here at the Board of Pensions will need to update our database records whether you are moving to a new appointment, or retiring. You will also want to update your information with the Annual Conference Dashboard, Wespath, and the Retired Clergy Association if appropriate. 
     Is your compensation changing? New compensation package information, including pension amounts, should be updated in the Dashboard as soon as possible. 
     Health insurance premiums ....... Read more »

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The Health Benefits of Games

     “Playing games is for kids—or someone with time to kill—not me!” If you think games are a waste of time, play along with me and consider the health benefits of adopting a playful pastime.

     Games are good for your brain.  Watching TV or surfing the net can be mentally stimulating, but it can also become passive and empty. By contrast, playing a game often requires strategic thinking or quick decision making.  Many games incorporate puzzles or logical analysis into their activities.  Studies show that playing games can keep your mind sharp well into your golden years, and even improve cognitive function.  Learning to play a new game takes time, but can lead to hours of pleasure.

     Games are social.....   Read more »


Come see us at Annual Conference!

     As usual, the Board of Pensions will host a display table at the annual conference session in Modesto this June 20 through 22. Please stop by to meet representatives from our health insurance providers, ask questions about your pension plans, or just to say Hi! 



Rev. JoAnn Juniel 



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