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October 2017


2018 Health Insurance Premium Rates

There’s good news for retirees this year on the Board of Pensions sponsored health plans: No matter which plan you are enrolled with, there will be NO increases in your insurance premium costs for the year 2018. This benefit comes as a result of BOP negotiations with our health care providers, along with contributions from the Board of Pensions Reserves and generous grant assistance from the Conference Claimants Endowment Board.
Active clergy and lay employee premiums will depend upon which plan you are enrolled in for health care.  Read more »

Leaf Play

Why Is Alzheimer's Disease Called

"Type 3 Diabetes"?

It is hard to imagine a more distressing medical diagnosis than Alzheimer’s Disease.  This disease of the brain causes mild to severe memory loss, confusion, personality changes and even death.  Although medicines can slow the progression of the disease, the prognosis is usually grim at best.

The causes of Alzheimer’s Disease are various and unclear, however  medical science has come to light that sheds significant new information as well as hope for those who suffer from this disease, or who wish to avoid it altogether.

The key seems to be the role of insulin in regulating blood sugar.  Read more »


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Did you receive a version of The Comp@nion in your postal mail box in addition to this email? If so, you can help the Board of Pensions save on postage and printing by letting us know you no longer need the print version. If that is true for you, please send me an email at and tell me “Email newsletter only, please.” Be sure to tell me your name as well as your preferred email address. Thanks! 


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