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What are you aiming for?

     Taking aim at a target is a kind of spiritual discipline. Athletes, sportsmen and women know this. Whether it is a bow and arrow, a golf club or a tennis racket, there is something about taking aim at a target that lines up all our physical and mental resources in a very specific direction and location.  We then take actions both large and small to achieve our goal and hit our mark… or miss. The feedback is immediate. We pause, we learn, we make adjustments, and we try again.   Read more »


Remember to update financial data

Did your pastoral or church staff salary change in January? Do you need to change or update amounts to be paid for pension or health insurance premiums?  Please make sure that church treasurers have the new figures they need for the new year. Questions about your bill? Call the Board of Pensions at 916-913-1049 and ask for Brian or Andrea. 



Rev. Arturo Capuli 

Rev. Dr. John Taylor

Rev. James Horton


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“Anyone who thinks gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.” -Josephine Nuese
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