March 2019

Endowment Board New Hire – Legacy Advisor

The Endowment Board is pleased to welcome Ms. Marsha Bryan to their staff. Ms. Bryan will serve as the Legacy Advisor, spearheading the revival of their Fund Development program; harkening back to the days of Harry Shaner, Al Thomas, and John Espie. Ms. Bryan will focus on creating a culture of philanthropy, and generating funds to further the mission of The Endowment Board (CCEB).

She comes to CCEB with over two decades of experience in the non-profit industry, a wealth of knowledge in planned and major giving from her time as the Director of Development for various organizations, and a lifetime of service in the United Methodist Church as the wife of late pastor, Rev. A. Allen Bryan.
As the past Executive Director of the California-Nevada United Methodist Foundation, she has a deep understanding of the conference, as well as a personal appreciation and passion for the mission of The Endowment Board. “After the death of my husband, I was searching for God’s calling, and I believe I have found it in my new role with The Endowment Board,” says Ms. Bryan, “I look forward to providing our donors with the opportunity to create a lasting legacy through our Planned Giving program.”
Ms. Bryan is blessed with two children and three grandchildren. Please give a warm welcome to Ms. Bryan!

--Jenny Copello, CCEB Development Coordinator, Exec. Asst. 

photo of Marsha Bryan

 Marsha Bryan, CCEB Legacy Advisor

Pre-Retirement Retreat 2019: Save the date!

The Board of Pensions is sponsoring a Pre-Retirement Planning Retreat on May 29 and 30, 2019, at the Christ the King Retreat Center in Citrus Heights, CA. This retreat is open to Active pastors and their spouses. Watch for more information and registration details in future issues of The Comp@nion. 

Housing Allowance Exclusion

Retired clergy are most likely able to exclude from taxable income all or a portion of the the retirement distributions you receive from sources covered by the annual conference's housing allowance resolution. To find out of you qualify, visit this page on our web site. 

Every year at Annual Conference, a resolution is submitted to approve the allowance for the following tax year.Some tax professionals request a copy to submit with clergy taxes. If you need a copy of the resolution,  Click here to print a copy for your tax professional.


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