April 2019

Pre-Retirement Planning Retreat Registration

Are you planning to retire within the next ten years? If so, the Board of Pensions Pre-Retirement Planning Retreat can help you and your spouse know what to expect. 

The retreat dates are May 29 and 30, 2019. The location is the beautiful Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center in Citrus Heights, CA. Register here by April 15 for an early-bird discount. 

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RCA "Spring Fling"

The Retired Clergy Association is accepting registrations for the annual Spring Fling, on April 24 and 25. Find more information and register here.

When To Sign up for Medicare Part A or B 

Whether or not you are retiring or continue working, most people should register for Medicare Part A within three months of turning age 65. Medicare Part A is free, and covers hospitalization. Sign up online or visit your local Social Security office.

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) is optional, because there is a cost involved. If you are eligible for Part B and do not have health insurance through your employer or spouse's coverage, there is a penalty for each month you delay application after turning age 65. If you do have medical insurance and are 65 or older, simply notify Medicare that you have health insurance and you can delay enrollment. When you do stop working, you can enroll in Medicare Part B without incurring a penalty. Find out more information here. 


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